Medipaw® X Boot. A waterproof and breathable protective pet boot.

For extended pet injuries requiring a heavier splint or thicker bandage for more than a few weeks we recommend ordering the Medipaw® X Boot. Our X Boot includes a durable molded rubber bottom designed to accommodate thicker dressings or wider splints – or patients with difficult gaits on difficult terrain, for longer periods of time.

We know your patients deserves the highest level of comfort and the absolute best protection. After all, your client has been through enough with this episode. That’s where the Medipaw® X Dog Boot can help. Taking your patient outside may seem difficult now, but it doesn’t have to be. With our Medipaw® X Dog Boot you not only give your patient the protection they need but you get the peace of mind knowing they are healing properly and safely.

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Dispensing the Medipaw® Protective X Boot

  • Facilitates compliance
  • Results in fewer rewraps
  • Reduces complications from wet bandages
  • Makes walking outside convenient, quick, and easy
  • Less reliance on makeshift solutions (used bags)
  • that can cause other serious problems
  • Keeps pets from chewing, licking, or scratching wounds
  • Eliminates stress of the Elizabethan Collar

  • Medipaw® X Boot Details

  • Scuff guard
  • Adjustable elastic Velcro® straps
  • Light, flexible, & durable rubber sole
  • Upper drawstring closure
  • Waterproof/ breathable nylon shell
  • Machine washable/hang dry only
  • Seam-sealed