Medipaw® Pet Suit FAQS

Q: Can all dogs and cats tolerate the Medipaw® Protective Suit?

A. Yes, usually dogs and cats tolerate the suit. It’s the same as a onesie or a T-shirt except that the Medipaw® Protective Suit is anatomically designed for cats and dogs. For sizing, it’s better to choose slightly smaller as the material will stretch. We recommend placing the suit on the patient as soon after surgery as possible. This gives the pet a warm, secure feeling and allows for easier adjustment. Pay special attention when a wound is irritating your pet, as they may try to scratch, lick and sometimes bite around the affected area.

Q: Does my pet have to wear both the top and bottom pieces of the two-piece medical protective suit?

A. No. The protective pet garment can function as a cat shirt or a dog shirt if it protects the affected area; the pants aren’t always necessary. However, if your pet needs to wear the pants (to hold a diaper in place, etc.), s/he will need to secure it with the medical pet shirt for dogs and cats.

Q: Why are different colored stitching and logos on the suits?

A. The colored stitching and logo designate size. Be sure to “measure twice and order once” according to the sizing chart with suggested breeds to help clarify the best size garment for your pet.

Q: How do cats use the litter box when wearing the suit?

A. The cat pants have a larger tail opening so they can use the litter box without removal or opening of the suit (not for use with incontinence). You can always use a dog suit for a cat, which requires a smaller tail opening!

Q: Why isn’t there an opening on the suit’s underside for urination?

A. The suit is designed to provide full protection. When dogs need to go out to “do their business,” owners can easily take the pants off, roll the medical pet shirt for dogs up the torso and put back on securely with the Velcro® when coming back inside.

Q: Do you have more colors for fashion purposes?

A. No. Medipaw® Protective Suits are all grey with color-coded stitching for easy size identification.

Q: Can dogs and cats tear it apart or chew it?

A. Of course! Pet owners can decide if the Medipaw® Protective Suit is suitable for their pet. Fortunately most animals accept it. In the case of excessive licking we recommend insertion of gauze or a sanitary pad in the pocket to keep the wound dry.

Q: Is the suit machine washable?

A. Yes, the suit is washable in cold water only because of the Velcro®. Clients typically purchase two suits so the patient is always covered.

Q: What is your warranty?

A. We guarantee our product and provide refunds for any manufacturing defects within 30 days of purchase.

Q: Is it possible to exchange the suit if it does not fit?

A. Yes, we accept returns within 10 days of receipt. For the reason, we highly recommend that you utilize the sizing chart so you can “measure twice and order once.” We always advise choosing a tighter fit because during usage the Medipaw® Protective Suits will stretch somewhat.

Medipaw® Pet Boot FAQs

Q: Will the boot protect a bandage if it is submerged in water during swimming or hydrotherapy?

A. No. The boot is waterproof for puddles, rain, snow, dew, and sprinklers but not for submersion.

Q: How does the boot stay on?

A. The boot is secured with Velcro® straps and an upper draw string. The inside is coated with a polyurethane coating that adheres well to vet bandages.

Q: Will the boot slip off?

A. If the boot is sized properly to fit over a bandage, splint, or cast, it will not slip.

Q: Is the boot washable?

A. Yes, the boot is washable in cool water on a gentle cycle. However, hang dry and never put the boot in the dryer as that will ruin seam tape and polyurethane coating.

Q: Can the patient always wear the Medipaw® boot?

A. The waterproof dog boot’s nylon shaft is lined with a microporous polyurethane coating. This feature allows the boot to breathe and minimizes moisture buildup inside. In warm and damp climates, we do not recommend wearing for extended periods of time, unless the patient is in a cool environment. If there is a need for constant bandage protection, we suggest that owners and clinicians check the boot inside frequently to make sure there is no moisture near the dog wound. Boots, in general should be worn under supervision for short walks.

Q: What’s to stop the patient from chewing the boot?

A. Left unattended, not too much. However, patients wear the boot primarily when out for short and/or leashed walks under supervision to protect the bandage and ultimately the wound. The boot for dogs, used with care, diminishes the risk of chewing.

Q: What is your warranty?

A. We guarantee our product and provide refunds for any manufacturing defects within 30 days of purchase.