Medipaw Boots & Suits Fill Clinical Needs in Veterinary Medicine

The Medipaw Story

When discharging our dog after an emergency arthrodesis our veterinary referral staff instructed us to keep our dog’s bandaged splint dry. To that end, they provided a used iv bag, as nothing else was available.

Our dog’s leg became infected as a result, requiring additional surgeries. Each time, the technicians dispensed a used iv bag, and each time the veterinarian encouraged us to create a boot. So, we researched waterproof and breathable fabrics, durable, non-skid bottoms, hook and loop closures, and launched the Medipaw® protective boot at the AVMA in 2004.

A few years later, when another dog underwent surgery for a hemangiosarcoma and all we had was an old t-shirt to protect the incision that didn’t do the job, we developed the two-piece suit. Thanks to these case studies, Medivet Products provides clinicians and their customers with wound management products specifically designed for dogs and cats.

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  • We love Medipaws to protect our delicate post surgical sites!
    Parkdale Animal Hospital

  • Who said boys can’t wear pink? Pip loves his Medipaw! It lets him walk comfortably and protects his foot while his paw heals.
    Gotham Vet Center

  • Cooper loves his Medipaw! We love that it’s breathable and keeps his bandage in good condition.
    Milton Veterinary Clinic

  • Achilles loves his Medipaw Suit.
    Animal Care Center Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Sachi is ready to go with her medipaws!
    Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice

Dispensing the Medipaw® Protective Boot

  • Facilitates compliance
  • Results in fewer rewraps
  • Saves resources
  • Reduces complications from wet bandages

Dispensing the Medipaw® Protective Suit

  • Is anatomically designed for cats and dogs to protect bandages and wounds
  • Features pockets for ice packs to reduce swelling, or pads for absorption
  • Rescues humans from makeshift solutions that don’t work!