Medipaw®Wound Management products help dogs and cats recover from surgeries, injuries, and other medical concerns.  

The waterproof/breathable Medipaw® boot protects leg bandages, splints, and casts; the Medipaw®X similarly safeguards for longer term use.  The Medipaw® two-piece suit secures surgical incisions, dermatological issues from pets who attempt to scratch or bite sensitive areas.  The suits are anatomically specific for canines and felines; the dog boots are oversized to accommodate bandages on front or rear legs; the cat suits allow for litter box use.  Medipaw® helps owners help their pets heal, providing professional solutions to persistent clinical problems.

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“The best place to obtain a Medipaw® boot or suit is with your veterinarian.  If S/he does not carry Medipaw®, please contact our office and we will assist you.”