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Surgi-Sox Torso

Happy Wrap products are made from unique 4-way stretch material that is highly breathable.  The material is plated to prevent sticking to wounds and is anti-microbial.  The material can be cut to accommodate PEG tubes, etc. and will not unravel or fray.  The seams are worn on the outside of the garment to provide a smooth interface for the area of coverage.  These products are machine washable and will not lose their integrity or anti-microbial properties.

Happy Wrap Aural


All components of the Happy Wrap product line are made from a proprietary material. This 4-way stretch textile is highly breathable, wicks away moisture, is plated to prevent the fabric from sticking to wounds and has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties woven within. These properties withstand hundreds of washings. VELCRO® Brand fasteners secure the bandage. The product is machine washable.

Anti-Shame Starter Pack (2 of Each Size)

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The x2 Pack Includes the following Products:

  • x16 – Rugged X-Boots
  • x8 – Happy Wraps
  • x18 – Surgi Sox Torso Step-ins
  • x28 – MPC Hind Leg Wraps
  • x12 – MPC Front Leg Wraps

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